16. Why should I choose Collaborative Family Law?

By choosing CFL, you ensure that the arrangement reached between you and your partner will be designed by you, with the guidance and legal advice of your CFL lawyer. You will be able to achieve a settlement in a manner that is respectful, creative and cost-effective. CFL provides an opportunity for you to maintain the integrity of your family even though you do not wish to remain in a partner relationship. You will choose Collaborative Family Law if:

  1. You seek a civilized resolution of the issues
  2. You want to protect the children’s relationships with each parent and extended family
  3. You want to maintain common friendships and avoid alienation of family and friends
  4. You want your personal affairs dealt with in privacy
  5. You and your partner want to be in charge of your own affairs, make your own decisions, plan your own future
  6. You want to have all options available to you, both legal and other creative solutions
  7. relationship issues are at least as important as money issues and
  8. You and your partner are willing to work together with your lawyers to thoughtfully and intelligently craft an agreement that is a win-win solution addressing the legitimate needs of both parties
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