Michelle Raithby


Michelle has practiced family law since her call to the Ontario bar in 2012. She completed her advanced collaborative family law training in 2020. She is a member of the Middlesex Family Law Association (and a member of the executive), Middlesex Law Association, the Perth Law Association, and the Bruce Law Association. Her focus on family law allows her to harness her fierce determination and drive for the benefit of her clients and the families she serves. Michelle is unrelenting in moving her cases forward to conclusion so her clients can get back to focusing on their lives and families. Michelle works diligently at quickly identifying the client’s goals, identifying the challenges and issues presented by the facts and law. Michelle develops a clear plan to achieve her clients’ and the family goals and moves forward to bring cases to a positive conclusion. This is the key to Michelle’s success. Michelle is always prepared with a clear view of the end game, working diligently to best serve clients and families. Michelle’s goal is to provide legal advice and support through the collaborative process, to protect client’s emotional well-being and ongoing relationships within the family.

Telephone: 519.640.6369
Fax: 519.932.3369
Email: mraithby@lerners.ca

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