Karl Ossenkopp

Financial Professional

Karl Ossenkopp is a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) with over 17 years of financial planning (PFP) and mortgage experience. He has completed his Family Mediation training in March 2020 and completed the Collaborative Law training course in Oct 2021. Karl has experienced that Joint Mediation or Collaborative Law can produce better overall results than litigation, as it reveals a clearer, more holistic picture of each family’s unique situation. Moreover, these processes are objective and can result in more money staying in the pockets of families, maintain communication between parties and provide a better environment for children. Karl can also provide a comprehensive, financial review and realistic projections for potential scenarios that can assist in making practical, informed decisions. These decisions can lead to better outcomes for both sides. Make sure to incorporate a financial neutral in all separation processes.

Email: karl@ossko.ca

Karl Ossenkopp B.Sc. PFP CFDS
Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, Mediator
phone: 519-913-5459
email: karl@ossko.ca
website: ossko.ca

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