Goals of Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Law – An affordable unique approach to family law settlements.

  • Provides you with skills and support to resolve your issues
  • Allows you to obtain expert assistance when and if you decide you need it
  • Allows you to work as a team to resolve differences
  • Allows you to control the process, cost and outcome

Collaborative Law – Separation and divorce bring out strong emotions which can be destructive to every member of the family. By choosing Collaborative Family Law you will be taking steps to …

  • Protect your emotional well-being and financial resources
  • Reduce stress
  • Protect your children
  • Avoid lengthy and devastating legal battles
  • Protect ongoing relationships within the family

Collaborative Family Lawyers are committed to helping you find tailor- made solutions to deal with specific issues facing you and your family after separation or divorce such as financial, property division, parenting, or support.

  • Each party is provided legal advice and support throughout the process from the collaborative family lawyer they have retained
  • The parties and their respective lawyers attend face to face meetings to reach a final settlement, with agendas and priorities set by the parties
  • The parties and their lawyers agree to resolve all issues without going to court