11. How does CFL differ from the traditional family law negotiation process?

In CFL the parties and their lawyers commit to resolving disputes outside the court system. In traditional family law negotiations, court may be used as an ongoing threat or bargaining tool. In CFL, the parties explore options for resolution which include legal and other options. In traditional negotiations, typically only legal options are considered. In CFL negotiation, the lawyers work with the parties as a team to develop a settlement that best meets the interests of both parties – rather than only focusing on the “rights” of the parties. In CFL, the clients take responsibility for resolving the issues themselves. In traditional negotiations, it is the lawyers who maintain control of the process and the negotiation. In the CFL process there is an honest open exchange of information. No one takes advantage of each other. There is a creative effort to meet the needs of each party. In CFL the children are protected when there are parenting issues.

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